Bangkok Korean

Sizzling tabletop barbeques with thin slivers of meats ready to be grilled and dipped into sweet and spicy sauces, classic peppery cabbage kimchi and banchan, a myriad of small, tasty side dishes, are the hallmarks of Bangkok's Korean restaurants.

As the coals heat up in your own personal in-built grill, the table fills with little bowls of pickled salads, and interesting sides with sesame oil, chilli, and garlic. Add pancakes, egg rolls, and steaming bowls of nourishing broth and your meal out becomes a Korean buffet banquet. Bangkok's popular restaurants include relaxed neighbourhood style eateries as well as more upmarket styles which manage to make hot coals look cool. Grilling your own meats and vegetables is a fun way to dine out and there are enough flavours to go round for everyone to share and enjoy. Bangkok has fully embraced the meats, dips and pickles of the classic Korean barbeque and whilst the food still tastes distinctly Asian it also somehow tastes like nothing you have ever eaten before.