Weather Overview

Bangok is often described as having three very distinct seasons: hot, wet and cool. The hot season runs typically from March to May, the wet season from May to November, and the cool season from November to March.


During the hot season the tempeartures can go as high as 40oC. Although this season is not typically wet, the frequent rain showers offer a welcome relief to the oppresive heat. During the wet season, most days are characterised by regular bursts of heavy rainfall, and it is not uncommon for some streets to experience short periods of ankle-deep water. The cooler season that follows is refreshing with clear days of low humidity and wonderful nights.

What to pack for the weather

It's best to pack lightweight clothes for Bangkok and an umbrella or a poncho, especially for the wet season. Short sleeves and shorts are the most practical options; however a pair of lightweight trousers would be the best choice for visiting temples or going out of an evening. 

When to visit Bangkok

The best time to visit Bangkok is between late November and mid-January, when the weather is a little cooler. Avoid visiting between March and May as this is when the temperature is at its hottest and most uncomfortable.