Kanchanburi is the third largest of the provinces of Thailand, and is home to many of Thailands wonderful tourist attractions. Situated only 129 kilometers west of Bangkok, the province forms the Western border with Myanmar.

There are of course many more attractions - temples, war museums, etc. and about 200 kilometers further on the Thai Myanmar border, you will be able to visit the Three Pagoda's Pass which formed the last line of defence in the many battles between the invading Burmese armies and the defending Thai armies. A one day visa can be purchased at the border, allowing tourists the opportunity to live the feeling of those ancient times.
However, this is not the only attraction worth visiting. Amongst the many natural attractions and national parks is the Erawan National Park. A visit to this park should include the Erawan Falls, which is deemed to be the best in the whole of Asia. The waterfall runs over seven different levels as it makes its way down through the lush jungle vegetation. 
Probable the most famous of the attractions is the Bridge of the River Kwai. This bridge which was built by prisoners of war during World War II, and has been portrayed in both a book (Pierre Boulle) and a film makes for a very moving visit. A visit to the bridge must also include a walk through the Hell Fire Pass, which stands as guard to the access to the river. A spectacular light show is held annually at the bridge during November and December is remembrance of the lives that were lost during this period.