Transport - Tuktuks

Tuk Tuks are Bangkok’s icon form of transport and are known through the world. They are a cheap and easy way of travelling short distance in the city but here are a few key points about using them:

- Know where you want to go

- Negotiate your fare in advance of starting your journey, if you are not happy with asking price look for another

- Remember that the tuk tuk driver also needs to earn a living, haggling is acceptable and can even be fun but be reasonable in your expectations

- Once you have started your journey, remember that tuktuks are open side vehicles and you should keep arms & legs inside at all time

- If you are not happy with the driver or are concerned where he is taking you, be polite and friendly and ask him to drop you off at a public place such as a hotel reception. Pay him some money and move on. Do not argue with him, do not get angry with him and do not threaten him... this is unacceptable behaviour in Thai culture irrespective of your own thoughts on his behaviour

- If the driver suggests he takes you to visit his friend that has a special sale of jewellery, politely say no and ask him to continue to your requested destination. If he gets you to the shop, he is getting a commission and the shop is nearly always a front for a jewellery scam. Again, if you are not happy, ask him to stop, pay him money and move onto another form of transport

The vast majority of tuk tuk drivers are very friendly and are trying to earn a living, however like most cities in the world, there are some bad people working in the tourist related industry and you have to be on your guard.

Enjoy the experience of the tuktuk at least once, as one the great Bangkok things to do.