Narai Phand
  • Narai Phand

  • Address: President Tower Ground Floor, 973 Ploenchit Road, Siam-Chitlom--Ploenchit, 10500
  • +662 - 656-0398

Narai Phand - Bangkok

Thai made handicrafts in abundance at reasonable prices and excellent quality. If it is too large to fit in your luggage, they can arrange for it to be packed and shipped to your home at reasonable rates.

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Officially backed by the Thai government, this has been a 72-year business venture between The Ministry of Industry and the private craft sector. Selling handicrafts to customers domestically and internationally Narai Phand is now the biggest seller of handicrafts in the whole country, so you are guaranteed to find something to your taste.

All the handicrafts are given a fixed ticket price so there is no need for haggling, whether this is favourable to your style of shopping or not! They have all the same products as the street markets, although some argue these are of a higher quality. However what is undisputed is that this is a very different environment. It provides a great alternative to the madness of Bangkok's streets, with air conditioning and a department store feel over multiple levels.

The second floor has ceramics for the home, including elaborately decorated tea sets and crockery. For something a little more creative, there are Thai dancing dolls, Thai musical instruments and even a crystal ship. If that is not enough grab yourself a life size wooden elephant statue.

Opening TImes10:00 - 20:00

Address: President Tower Ground Floor , 973 Ploenchit Road , Bangkok, 10500 View Larger Map