Drinking Water and ice

Drinking water safely is something that is extremely important to know about when travelling in Asia.

Water: It is NOT recommended to drink water from the tap, even in the most prestigious of hotels, but to consume your water from readily available bottled water. Bottled water is cheap and easily available almost everywhere in and around Bangkok, from shops such as 7-11, Tesco Express, Fuji Supermarkets and the multitude of other large and small stores.

Local brands such as Singha and Chang as well as international brands from Nam Thip (Coca-Cola) and Pure Life (Nestle) cost approximately six to ten Thai Baht per 600 ml bottle and twelve to twenty Thai Baht for 1.5 litre bottles. More expensive and imported waters such as Perrier are also available in the larger outlets.

Always check that the seals on the bottles of water are intact if buying from a street vendor. When sightseeing, drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and to minimise the effects of Bangkok’s year round heat.

IceIce is plentiful in Bangkok and is used generously in many different scenarios, from keeping bottles of water and soda drinks cold to being added into drinks to cool them.

As a rule of thumb, ice at the street vendors should not be added into any drinks unless you are very confident of the source; this is not to say that the ice is dirty, however it is not worth taking the risk.

Ice served in hotels and restaurants should generally be okay to consume, but again take caution if you are unsure of the cleanliness of the establishment.