Crime and Personal Safety

Bangkok and Thailand are recognised as relatively safe environments and you should be able to enjoy your visit to the country without having to fear for your personal safety. Thailand does recognise the importance of maintaining tourist security and to this end, have a Tourist Police division in the larger tourist locations such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket & Koh Samui.

Of course, one still needs to take the necessary precautions as you would in any large city; do not overtly show that you are carrying large amounts of money, be conscious of putting your wallet in a secure place to avoid pick-pocketing, lock your valuables in the hotel safe or safety deposit box, and so on.

Walking around at night (even in a reasonably quiet part of town) is quite safe, and threatening situations are unusual; violent crime in particular is just about nonexistent. A recent crime to be aware of, concerns motorbikes riding behind unsuspecting tourists and then snatching loosely held handbags, backpacks, cameras and the like. Just be aware that you should keep these articles close and ideally away from the roadside of your body.

By far the biggest danger you will face in Bangkok is traffic safety. Although pedestrian crossings are marked up on all main roads, you as the pedestrian should be extra vigilant when crossing a busy road. Be watchful of motorbikes, as they can appear in an instant, and although smaller than a car or bus, could cause serious injury or death.

If you experience any crime or feel threatened, Thailand has a Tourist Police Division with English speaking staff. Call 1155 or +66 2 678 6800