Regional Overview


Thailand is made up of 76 provinces broken into four very distinct geographic areas; North, Northeast, Central, and Southern Thailand. Central Thailand is a vast, flat area through which the main river basin of the Chao Prayah river flows and where the city of Bangkok can be found.

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok dwarfs all of the country's other cities in terms of importance and is home to over eight million people. It stood as the centre of the country's modernisation during the nineteenth century and the political changes during the twentieth century, when Thailand abolished absolute monarchy. After rapid growth in the 1960s through to the 1980s, Bangkok now has a significant impact on the politics, economy and modern society of Thailand. 


Despite the monsoon season, Bangkok sees warm temperatures pretty much all year round, meaning it's a tourist holiday hotspot. After London and Paris, it is one of the world's top visited cities and is the gateway through which many travellers visit Thailand. It terms of things to do, Bangkok has it all, which is why it appeals to such a diverse groups of visitors. From Royal Palaces and museums, to bargain shopping and its notorious nightlife, there really is something for everyone.

Culturally, Bangkok has always been one step ahead in terms of modernisation compared with the rest of the country. It acts as the portal through which Western concepts and goods have been adopted. As a result, the juxtaposition of traditions and modern amenities make it the perfect holiday destination for culture and comfort. 

Image Credit: Reb M.K. -AX- M.K.2016